Rebecca K. Hyland Memorial Scholarship


         Mary and John Ferron                                                          Larry Weissman and Kevin Hyland

      Rick Capretta                   Debbie Capretta

                           Kelly Hyland

              Maureen Christy and Mary Carol Jones                                                     Jackie and Jeff Miles

     Mike Schobel            Patrick Conway

Jim Zadd

George Bigham

    Nancy Hyland                   Jim Hyland                                               Bob, Kevin and Kevin Hyland Jr.

                    Mary Carol Jones

Mark Sustin, David Santoli, Doug Bunker, Thom Moore, Marla Sustin, Theresa Webster(L to R)

Jeremy Mullin,Anna Sieczowski, Colleen Morey, Kevin Hyland                

Colleen and Mary Ferron

Carol Zadd, Chris Conway, Beth Quinn, Nancy Hyland                   David Santoli, Gladys Stefanek, Ann Hyland

     Kelly Hyland and Don Edelman                     Tom Christy, Jim Hyland, Tom Christy Jr. John O’Keefe

Matt Novak   Joe Jaketic  Sharon Jaketic

            Chris Vlach    Maureen Vlach    JoAnn Novak

      Kevin Hyland, Packy and Shelley Hyland, George Angelato                Chrissy Conway and Mike Schobel

Colleen and John Angelo, Katie Conlin

    Mary and John Ferron, Phil Conlin

(L to R)

We would like to thank George Clayman, Jennifer Hays and Michael Hall for their support of Rebecca’s scholarships.

They raised funds at their 2018

Marshall Equipment Summer Golf Outing and through their generosity, and that of their customers and vendors, $2000 was donated to the scholarship this year.

  George Clayman, Kevin Hyland and Mike Hall

Rebecca K Hyland Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser

January 10, 2014

Flemings Steakhouse

Shining Star Sponsors:

             George Angelato       Brendan Conway      Chris and PJ Conway    Christopher Conway

                    April and Dave Deming    Mary and John Ferron M.D.    Nancy and Jim Hyland

       Charlene Hyland   Tricia and A.J. Hyland   Patricia and Chris Noble   Misty and Mike Schobel       

                             Flemings Steakhouse and Wine Bar    Marshall Power Equipment


6th Annual Rebecca K. Hyland Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser

January 16, 2015

Flemings Steakhouse

Shining Star Sponsors:

      George Angelato       Brendan Conway       Chris and P.J. Conway        Mary and John Ferron

              Flemings Steakhouse and Wine Bar        Charlene Hyland         Tricia and A.J. Hyland

               Patricia and Chris Noble       Marshall Power Equipment       Misty and Mike Schobel

Rebecca K Hyland Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser

January 13, 2012

Flemings Steakhouse

Shining Star Sponsors:

Chris and P.J. Conway    Mary and John Ferron    Tricia and A.J. Hyland

Charlene Hyland    Patricia and Chris Noble

Rebecca K Hyland Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser

January 18, 2013

Flemings Steakhouse

Shining Star Sponsors:

George Angelato       Paula and Robert Boykin    Chris and P.J Conway

                 Mary and John Ferron M.D.       Charlene Hyland         Nancy and Jim Hyland

                Tricia and A.J. Hyland        Misty and Mike Schobel        Flemings Steakhouse      

Past Fundraiser Dinner Photos:

We gratefully acknowledge the Shining Star Sponsors

who have supported Rebecca’s Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser Dinner:

         Carol & Dan Conway             Jim & Kristy Cingel                     Brendan Conway                Christopher Conway

                          Nancy Hyland    Beth & Brian Quinn    Charlene Hyland    Catherine & Richard Corr

        John & Joanne OKeefe    Mary & John Ferron                        Matt Novak                      Joe & Sharon Jaketic

Maureen Christy                                            Tom Christy                              Dave Newmarker                          JoAnn Novak

Mary & Jack Burk   Maureen & Chris Vlach  Vince & Kathy Opaskar     Alescia Conway  Erin Schobel   Ruby Hyland Brown  

7th Annual Rebecca K. Hyland Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser

Friday, January 8, 2016

Flemings Steakhouse

Shining Star Sponsors:

                George Angelato     Kate and DeWayne Ashcraft     Gary Bigham    Brendan Conway

          Chris and P.J. Conway     Mary and John Ferron M.D.     Flemings Steakhouse and Wine Bar

                       Charlene Hyland     Nancy and James Hyland     Michelle and Chris Hyland   

                      Tricia and A.J. Hyland     Patricia and Chris Noble     Misty and Mike Schobel

                Mike and Misty Schobel               Jim Zadd                                    Gary Bigham and Diane Loparo

        Jeannie and Katie Siefert          Erin Conway                      DeWayne Ashcraft          Dave and April Deming

                Chris and Michelle Hyland                                         Tricia and A.J. Hyland                        George Angelato

Laura Mayher     Dave Newmarker      JoAnn Novak                   Todd Sharp     Kevin Hyland     Larry Weissman

Jeff and Jackie Miles         Doug Bunker   Thom Moore                                   Bridget and Jay Palus

Left to right: Ruby Hyland Brown, Brendan Conway,              Catherine Hyland, Megan Benander Dehaven, Monica Rose,      Isabella Hyland

Karen Kruse and Irene Papp

8th Annual Rebecca K. Hyland Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser

Friday, January 6, 2017

Flemings Steakhouse

Shining Star Sponsors:

Brendan Conway                                                                  Charlene Hyland

Chris and PJ Conway                                                  Nancy and Jim Hyland

Mary and John Ferron M.D.                                       Misty and Mike Schobel

Nancy and Jim Hyland                                                    Tricia and AJ Hyland

Flemings Steakhouse

        Mary and John Ferron                                                            Larry Weissman and Kevin Hyland

   Noreen Joyce   Mary Ann Artino   Kathy Opaskar                Beverly Esposito   Vic Mastrangelo    Kathy Romanini

     Chris Conway   Bob Hyland                    Georgia Fuerst   Brendan Conway             Ruby and Catherine Hyland

           Susan Raphaely   Joe and Sharon Jaketic                  Erin and Mike Schobel      Brian and Beth Quinn

9th Annual Rebecca K. Hyland Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser

Shining Star Sponsors  January 12, 2018

Flemings Steakhouse

    Gary Bigham                                                                        Charlene Hyland

    Brendan Conway                                                        Nancy and Jim Hyland

    Chris and P.J. Conway                                                 Tricia and A.J. Hyland

    Chagrin Valley Nurseries                                        Jeanne and John Siefert

    Mary and John Ferron                                              Misty and Mike Schobel

    Flemings Steakhouse                                                             Joseph Walton

Hyland Software            

10th Annual Rebecca K. Hyland Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser

January 11, 2019

Flemings Steakhouse

    Gary Bigham                                                                Tricia and A.J. Hyland

    Brendan Conway                                                                 Hyland Software

    Chris and P.J. Conway                                        Marshall Power Equipment

    Chagrin Valley Nurseries                                        Patricia and Chris Noble

    Mary and John Ferron                                             Jeanne and John Siefert

    Flemings Steakhouse                                               Misty and Mike Schobel

    Michelle and Chris Hyland                                 Bonnie and Larry Weissman

    Nancy and Jim Hyland                                              Marilyn and Ed Zahurek

    Gretchen Hyland